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27th International Cartographic Conference, Rio de Janeiro 23-28 August 2015


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The new Commission name and website

The ICA General Assembly held in Rio de Janeiro accepted our proposal for a slight change of the Commission name which now it is ICA Commission on Cartographic Heritage into the Digital, electing Evangelos Livieratos as its Chair for the period 2015-2019

The new reorganised Commission is now in the new web-address cartography.web.auth.gr/ICA-Heritage

The website of the period 2011-2015 will remain as in the same address here, as well as the website of the previous period 2006-2011

The Commission in Rio de Janeiro

Cartographic Heritage is among the thematic sessions in the Rio de Janeiro International Cartographic Conference, 23-28 August 2015. A 2 min presentation of the Commission is arranged for the "ICA at a Glance" session on Thursday 27 August 2015, Plenary 1-P1, 9:30-10:00. The Commission fixed a working meeting to present the objectives and the work done so far on Thursday 27 August 2015, Room 5, 17:20-18:30. See also the Commission full-term (2011-2015) report and the poster at the Conference space (also given below)

e-Perimetron, Vol.10, No.2

The new issue of e-Perimetron is online with 44 pages and four papers by: R. Simon, E. Barker, L. Isaksen, P. de Soto Cañamares (Vienna, Milton Keynes, Southampton) "Linking Early Geospatial Documents, One Place at a Time: Annotation of Geographic Documents with Recogito"; V. Frazzica, F. Galletti, M. Orciani (Ancona) "Gregoriano Cadastre: the Creation of a WebGis from Historical Cartography through the Techniques of Classification of Satellite Images"; J. Glišović, S. Gardašević (Belgrade) "Cartographic Collection of National Library of Serbia throughout History until the Digital Present"; M. Gede (Budapest) "Novel Globe Publishing Techniques Using WebGL"

Workshop on Ancient Chinese Maps

The Workshop on Ancient Chinese Maps and Exchange of Chinese-Western Cartographical Culture was held in Beijing on 3 June 2015 in the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGSNRR). The Workshop was organised by the Commission of Cartography and GIS of the China Society of Surveying & Mapping and Geoinformation under the sponsorship and support of the Zhengzhou University of Information Engineering, the IGSNRR and the State key Laboratory of Resources and Environmental Information System (LREIS).

Academicians, professors, researchers, graduate students participants in the Beijing Workshop on Chinese-Western Cartographic Heritage

Invited academicians, professors, scientists, researchers and graduate students coming from Research Institutes and Labs of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, from Universities, the National Library of China and other Institutions, presented their research on the issue and participated in discussions for future work and cooperation. Academicians Gao Jun and Zhou Chenghu and Profs Qi Qingwen, Sun Qun, Liqiu Meng, Bai Hongye, Gong Yingyan, Lu Liangzhi, Liang Qizhang and Evangelos Livieratos, presented papers and participated in the closing round table discussion. The International Cartographic Association was represented by the Chair of the Commission on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage (E. Livieratos) who also presented the work of the Commission, the Chair of the Commission on Theoretical Cartography (Qingyun Du) and the Vice Chair of the Commission on Atlases (Qingwen Qi)

The 10th Jubilee Commission Conference, Corfu 27-29 May 2015

The Commission's 10th Jubilee Conference "Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage" together with the Commission's 2nd Tutorial "Georeference for 'non-experts'" and the map exhibition "Corfu: 18th Century Planimetries of Baronies", held in Corfu from 27 to 29 May 2015. See the Conference website

85 students from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki attended the Corfu Conference and visited the important Historical Archives

Commission Chair introduction, in animated gif

Click on image

The Commission honours the support received

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary the Commission honoured institutions and persons for supporting the work done since 2006 and for co-organising the Jubilee Conference in Corfu

From left: Prof. Francesco GUERRA, Director, Photogrammetry Lab., University IUAV of Venice; Prof. Lysandros TSOULOS, President, Hellenic Cartographic Society; Prof. Aliki NIKIFOROU, Deputy to the President, General State Archives of Greece; Prof. Anastasia SALI-PAPASALI, Rector, Ionian University; Prof. Evangelos LIVIERATOS, Commission Chair; Prof. Dimitrios ANOYATIS-PELÉ, Faculty Dean, Ionian University; Dr Anastasia TOURTA, Host of the 1st Commission Conference in 2006, frm Director, Thessaloniki Museum of Byzantine Culture, Director, European Centre of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments; Prof. Dimitrios TSOULIS, President, School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; Dr Carme MONTANER, Head, Map Library, Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia; Prof. László ZENTAI, Head, Cartography Dept, Eötvös Loránd University, ICA Secretary General

Ferjan Ormeling full lecture on Ptolemy's "Geographia" in video

In the ceremony of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) to honour Prof. Ferjan Ormeling's contribution in Cartography with a Doctorate Honoris Causa, Ferjan lectured on "Ptolemy's heritage: the Atlas as an ordering device". This lecture is fully available in the ceremony-video (from 52 min onwards)

The Dr H.C. was awarded on 7 May 2015 by the AUTH Faculty of Engineering - School of Rural and Surveying Engineering after the proposal by the faculty members (AUTH-Cartoheritage Group) profs E. Livieratos, C. Boutoura, A. Kousoulakou, the Laudatio read by prof. Livieratos | F. Ormeling's full lecture text here | Laudatio here

Map Exhibition "Corfu: 18th Century Planimetries of Baronies"

In the frame of the Commission's 10th Conference in Corfu, the Historical Archives are organising an exhibition of rare manuscript representations of the 18th cent. Venetian Baronies, in cooperation with the Commission and the AUTH Cartoheritage Group. For more, see the website

"Georeference for 'non-experts'" tutorial, Corfu 27 May 2015

In the frame of the Commission's 10th Conferece, an intensive tutorial course is organised for "non-experts" in georeference addressed mainly to professionals and students in humanities, mapcuratorshp and map archiving. The course was hosted by the Historical Archives of Corfu - General State Archives of Greece and was the 2nd Tutorial organised by the Commission after the 1st in Paris, at the BnF, on digitisation of Globes and 3-d cartoraphic objects. For more, see the webside

The ICA Commission on Map Projections meets in Corfu 29 May 2015

The ICA Commission on Map Projections will meet in Corfu, 29 May 2015, just after the works of the 10th Conference on Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage, 27-29 May 2015 (see here). For more information contact the Chair of Map Projections Commission Prof. Miljenko Lapaine, mlapaine<at>geof.hr

The Commission supports the 13th Hellenic Cartographic Conference

The Commission supported the 13th Hellenic Cartographic Conference, endorsed by ICA, held in Patras, Greece, 22-24 October 2014

ICA President with the Hellenic Cartographic Society Board and the Conference honorary guests. From left: Nikos Soulakelis (HCS Vice President), George Tolias (HCS Honorary member), Evangelos Livieratos (HCS founder in 1994, ICA Commission Chair), Georg Gartner (ICA President), Alexandra Kousoulakou (HCS Treasurer), Lysandros Tsoulos (HCS President), Chrysoula Boutoura (HCS Secretary), Byron Nakos (HCS Councilor)
ICA President Prof. Georg Gartner attending the 13th Hellenic Cartographic Conference with the Hellenic Cartographic Society President Prof. Lysandros Tsoulos and HCS Secretary Prof. Chrysoula Boutoura

ICA President Georg Gartner gave the invited introductory speech and the Hellenic Cartographic Society (HCS) distinction to Prof. Evangelos Livieratos, the HCS founder, on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of HCS (1994-2014)

ICA President Georg Gartner awards the HCS honour, for its 20th Anniversary (1994-2014), to the HCS founder Evangelos Livieratos, Commission Chair, at the 13th Hellenic Cartographic Conference, Patras 22 October 2014

Budapest, 9th Conference, Budapest 4-5 September 2014 and Commission Chair's address

Chair's address to the Budapest Workshop: E. Livieratos "New perspectives for expanding the concept and context of Cartographic Heritage in the Digital Domain" in a 5 min animated gif presentation

Budapest 9th Workshop participants at the National Széchényi Library, 4-5 September

Budapest Workshop photos

The Commission Chair Evangelos Livieratos and the Vice Chair Carme Montaner with the Budapest hosts Krisztina Irás and Mátyás Gede and the Commission's VLG Chrysoula Boutoura, Alexandra Koussoulakou, Angeliki Tsorlini, Maria Pazarli, Nopi Ploutoglou

The photo galleries for 4 September | 5 September courtesy of the Department of Cartography & Geoinformatics, Eötvös Loránd University

ICA News, 62, 2014

The new issue of ICA News is on-line with a Commission report in the pages 12-13

Ljubljana, 22-24 May 2014

The Ljubljana Groupe des Cartothécaires Conference, 22-24 May, decided to form a new Group, the Map & Geoinformation Curators Group (MAGIC), joining the ICA Commission on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage

19th Conference Groupe des Cartothécaires Ljubljana 22-24 May 2014

The programme

New supporting institution

The History Department of the Ionian University at Corfu joins the Commission's Supporting Institutions