Budapest 2014

The 9th Commission's Workshop 4-5 September 2014 [ photos ]

Chair's address

New perspectives for expanding the concept and context of Cartographic Heritage in the Digital Domain The presentation of the Commission Chair E. Livieratos in 5 min! [ animated gif ]

The recent developments concerning the cooperation of the ICA Commission on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage with the "Map & Geoinformation Curators Group" - MAGIC Group open new perspectives for expanding the concepts and contexts o Cartographic Heritage in the Digital domain. New schemes are introduced for the design and development of conceptually and technologically innovative strategies, models, mechanisms, tools, actions and interventions, embedded into the Digital manifold, for the transformation and congruousness of an important component of Cultural Heritage, that of Cartographic Heritage Ecosystems dealing with the management, implementation and a broader dissemination of Cartodiversity Legacy assets in the networked world


Animation by EL

Workshop photos

4 September | 5 September Courtesy: Department of Cartography & Geoinformatics, Eötvös Loránd University