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Afferni R., T. Tambassi, Building a Geographical Ontology for Latin Literature

Albert G., What Does an Archive Map Tell the Contemporary Map Readers? Information Transmissivity Analysis on the Survey Maps of the Josephinische Landesaufnahme (1763–1787)

Antoš F., M. Talich, O. Böhm, Accuracy Testing of Cartometric Scanners for Old Maps Digitizing

Arioti E., G. Bitelli, G. Gatta, Comparison of Two XVIII Century Technical Maps of Bologna, One Copied from the Other

Ballarin M., C. Balletti, C. Gottardi, Automatic Systems for Digitizing Historical Maps

Balletti C., C. Gottardi, F. Guerra, V. Tsioukas, P. Vernier, Old Map Stretching. Case Study of a 17th Century Old Map of Corfu

Beconytė G., A. Balčiūnas, V. Nareiko, D. Romanovas, Cartographic Archives at Lithuanian Spatial Data Portal

Biondani W., P. Chisté, Historical Cartography Digitization: The Experience of the Provincial Archive of Trento (Italy): Technologies, Methodologies, Metadata and Results

Biszak E., H. Kulovich, S. Biszak, G. Timár, G. Molnár, B. Székely, A. Jankó, I. Kenyeres, Cartographic Heritage of the Habsburg Empire on the Web: the MAPIRE Initiative

Boutoura C., The Course of Danube in Some Representative 18th Century Maps as Given Online in Textual and Image Structures by a Leading Web Provider of Digital Maps

Cajthaml J., J. Havlíček, Some Important Aspects Influencing Results of Georeferencing

Carhart G., The Fagel Map Project 2014-2015, Trinity College Dublin

Dunn S., C. Roueché, T. Papacostas, N. Jakeman, V. Vitale, Whither Neutrality? Crowdsourcing Geographic Knowledge in Regions of Conflict

Fodorean F. G., Mapping Archaeological Sites of Dacia Porolissensis Using Historical Maps. New Discoveries from Tureni and Aiton (Cluj County)

Galambos C., Topographic Basis and Projection of Early Geological Maps about Hungary

Gede M., Novel Globe Publishing Techniques Using WebGL

Görlitz D., A. Bruschke, J. Bruschke, M. F. Buchroithner, Visualization of Early Globes (Approx. 1500 – 1550 A.D.) as a Source for Investigations Regarding the Early Cartographic Knowledge of South America and the Antarctica

Hegedüs Á., G. Gercsák, Life and Works of Sándor Radó

Hyndráková M., Virtual Exhibition of Globes

Irás K., B. T. Nguyen, Geolocating System of Old Maps – Without Georeferencing

Jeney J., The Use of Digital Technology in International Archival Map Research

Kiss E., Zs. Ungvári, P. Fulajtár, Digital Map Collection Project at the National Széchényi Library

Kiss T., The Map Collection of the Environmental and Hydrological Archives

Kremers H., Location and Digital Cultural Heritage Multimedia Objects Granularity

Kuśmidrowicz-Król A., Capturing and Sharing Information Hidden in Old Maps in a Digitised Era. The Problem of Cataloguing and Disseminating Information from Cartographic Collections – A Case Study Based on the Niewodniczanski Collection Imago Poloniae

Livieratos E., New Perspectives for Expanding the Concept and Context of Cartographic Heritage in the Digital Domain

Molnár G., G. Timár, E. Biszak, Can the First Military Survey Maps of the Habsburg Empire (1763-1790) be Georeferenced by an Accuracy of 200 Meters?

Pazarli M., Righas’ Charta: A Thematic GIS Implementation

Pődör A., Experiment of Involving Students in Preserving Geographical Names Appearing on Historical Maps

Popovic M., Early Modern Cartography of the Balkans and its Contribution to the Knowledge of Local Transportation Infrastructures (1848-1918)

Přidal P., GeoSEO and Map Series Discovery Integrated With Geographical Search in Map Catalogs

Přidal P., International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) and Old Maps

Roset R., V. Pascual, C. Montaner, From Gazetteer to Bounding Box: Using SDI Standards to Build a Geoportal for Ancient Maps in Catalonia

Szabó R., Virtual Visualization of a Celestial Globe

Timár G., J. Mészáros, G. Molnár, A Simple Solution for Georeferencing the Cassini Map Series of France

Timár G., Zs. Bartos-Elekes, G. Molnár,  Z. Imecs, Zs. Magyari-Sáska, Improvement of Horizontal Georeferencing Accuracy of the 1864 Map of South Romania by Correction Grid (GSB) in GIS and Web Publishing Environment

Tóth L., Contribution of the Hungarian Military Mapping to the Cartographic Heritage

Triplat Horvat M., M. Lapaine, Standard Parallels of Equidistant Conic Projections on Old Maps

Tsioukas V., A. Koussoulakou, T. Jancsó, Falling into Place: Orientation and Viewing of Past Cityscapes in 3D Space

Tsorlini A., L. Hurni, Digital analysis of Meyer - Weiss Atlas of Switzerland (1796-1802) and its Comparison With Dufourkarte (1845-1865)

Ungvári Zs., A Method to Create Interactive Gazetteer to Old Globes

Zentai L., Revisiting the Preservation of Modern Cartographic Products



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