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Thursday, September 4


08:00-08:45  Registration 


Opening Session

Chair: Bengt Rystedt, Ferjan Ormeling


Welcome: L. Tüske, Director, National  Széchényi Library


09:00-09:15  L. Zentai, Revisiting the Preservation of Modern Cartographic Products

09:15-09:30  E. Livieratos, New Perspectives for Expanding the Concept and Context of Cartographic Heritage in the Digital Domain

09:30-09:45  Break


Session 1. Map Collections, Digital Libraries, Archives, Web 

Chair: Gábor Gercsák, Carme Montaner


09:45-10:00  G. Beconytė, A. Balčiūnas, V. Nareiko, D. Romanovas, Cartographic Archives at Lithuanian Spatial Data Portal

10:00-10:15  R. Roset, V. Pascual, C. Montaner, From Gazetteer to Bounding Box: Using SDI Standards to Build a Geoportal for Ancient Maps in Catalonia

10:15-10:30  E. Biszak, H. Kulovich, S. Biszak, G. Timár, G. Molnár, B. Székely, A. Jankó, I. Kenyeres, Cartographic Heritage of the Habsburg Empire on the Web: the MAPIRE Initiative

10:30-10:45  P. Přidal, GeoSEO and Map Series Discovery Integrated With Geographical Search in Map Catalogs

10:45-11:00  W. Biondani, P. Chisté, Historical Cartography Digitization: The Experience of the Provincial Archive of Trento (Italy): Technologies, Methodologies, Metadata and Results

11:00-11:15  E. Kiss, Zs. Ungvári, P. Fulajtár, Digital Map Collection Project at the National Széchényi Library

11:15-11:30  A. Kuśmidrowicz-Król, Capturing and Sharing Information Hidden in Old Maps in a Digitised Era. The Problem of Cataloguing and Disseminating Information from Cartographic Collections – A Case Study Based on the Niewodniczanski Collection Imago Poloniae

11:30-11:45  L. Tóth, Contribution of the Hungarian Military Mapping to the Cartographic Heritage

11:45-12:00  Discussion 


12:00-13:30  Lunch Break 


Session 2. Map Projection Issues, Georeferencing 

Chair:  Chrysoula Boutoura, Petr Přidal


13:30-13:45  C. Galambos, Topographic Basis and Projection of Early Geological Maps About Hungary

13:45-14:00  J. Cajthaml, J. Havlíček, Some Important Aspects Influencing Results of Georeferencing

14:00-14:15  K. Irás, B. T. Nguyen, Geolocating System of Old Maps – Without Georeferencing

14:15-14:30  M. Triplat Horvat, M. Lapaine, Standard Parallels of Equidistant Conic Projections on Old Maps

14:30-14:45  G. Timár, J. Mészáros, G. Molnár, A Simple Solution for Georeferencing the Cassini Map Series of France

14:45-15:00  G. Timár, Zs. Bartos-Elekes, G. Molnár, Z. Imecs, Zs. Magyari-Sáska,  Improvement of Horizontal Georeferencing Accuracy of the 1864 Map of South Romania by Correction Grid (GSB) in GIS and Web Publishing Environment

15:00-15:15  G. Molnár, G. Timár, E. Biszak, Can the First Military Survey Maps of the Habsburg Empire (1763-1790) be Georeferenced by an Accuracy of 200 Meters?

15:15-15:30  Discussion 

15:30-15:45  Break


Session 3. Digitization, Digital Representation 

Chair: Anna Kuśmidrowicz-Król, Krisztina Irás


15:45-16:00  F. Antoš, M. Talich, O. Böhm, Accuracy Testing of Cartometric Scanners for Old Maps Digitizing

16:00-16:15  M. Ballarin, C. Balletti, C. Gottardi, Automatic Systems for Digitizing Historical Maps

16:15-16:30  J. Jeney, The Use of Digital Technology in International Archival Map Research

16:30-16:45  P. Přidal, International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) and Old Maps

16:45-17:00  Discussion 


17:00-17:50  Treasures of the Map Collection of the National Széchényi Library

18:00  Walking down to the Danube bank

19:00-20:30  Ice breaking and sightseeing boat trip to the Danube


Friday, September 5


08:00-08:45  Registration


Session 4. Digital Analysis and Interpretation of Historic Maps 

Chair: Gábor Tímár, Gabriele Bitelli


08:45-09:00  T. Kiss, Digital Processing of the Map Collection of the Environmental and Hydrological Archives

09:00-09:15  M. Pazarli, Righas’ Charta: A Thematic GIS Implementation

09:15-09:30  F. G. Fodorean, Mapping Archaeological Sites of Dacia Porolissensis Using Historical Maps. New Discoveries from Tureni and Aiton (Cluj County)

09:30-09:45  C. Boutoura, The Course of Danube in Some Representative 18th Century Maps as Given Online in Textual and Image Structures by a Leading Web Provider of Digital Maps

09:45-10:00 M. Popovic, Early Modern Cartography of the Balkans and its Contribution to the Knowledge of Local Transportation Infrastructures (1848-1918)

10:00-10:15  A. Tsorlini, L. Hurni, Digital analysis of Meyer - Weiss Atlas of Switzerland (1796-1802) and its Comparison With Dufourkarte (1845-1865)

10:15-10:30  Discussion 

10:30-10:45  Break 


Session 5.  Digital Analysis and Interpretation of Historic Maps - Urban Cases

Chair: Gáspár Albert, Mihailo Popovic


10:45-11:00  E. Arioti, G. Bitelli, G. Gatta, Comparison of Two XVIII Century Technical Maps of Bologna, One Copied from the Other

11:00-11:15  C. Balletti, C. Gottardi, F. Guerra, V. Tsioukas, P. Vernier, Old Map Stretching. Case Study of a 17th Century Old Map of Corfu

11:15-11:30  V. Tsioukas, A. Koussoulakou, T. Jancsó, Falling into Place: Orientation and Viewing of Past Cityscapes in 3D Space

11:30-12:00  Discussion 


12:00-13:30  Lunch Break 


Session 6 Globes : Visualization, Interpretation, Publishing 

Chair: Miljenko Lapaine, Mátyás Gede


13:30-13:45  D. Görlitz, A. Bruschke, J. Bruschke, M. F. Buchroithner, Visualization of Early Globes (Approx. 1500 – 1550 A.D.) as a Source for Investigations Regarding the Early Cartographic Knowledge of South America and the Antarctica

13:45-14:00  M. Gede, Novel Globe Publishing Techniques Using WebGL

14:00-14:15  M. Hyndráková, Virtual Exhibition of Globes

14:15-14:30  R. Szabó, Virtual Visualization of a Celestial Globe

14:30-14:45  Zs. Ungvári, A Method to Create Interactive Gazetteer to Old Globes

14:45-15:00  Discussion 

15:00-15:15  Break


Session 7.  Digital Processing, Map Content 

Chair: Alexandra Koussoulakou, Caterina Balletti


15:15-15:30  G. Albert, What Does an Archive Map Tell the Contemporary Map Readers? Information Transmissivity Analysis on the Survey Maps of the Josephinische Landesaufnahme (1763–1787)

15:30-15:45  H. Kremers, Location and Digital Cultural Heritage Multimedia Objects Granularity

15:45-16:00  Á. Hegedüs, G. Gercsák, Life and Works of Sándor Radó

16:00-16:15  R. Afferni, T. Tambassi, Building a Geographical Ontology for Latin Literature

16:15-16:30  S. Dunn, C. Roueché, T. Papacostas, N. Jakeman, V. Vitale, Whither Neutrality? Crowdsourcing Geographic Knowledge in Regions of Conflict: The Heritage Gazetteer of Cyprus

16:30-16:45  G. Carhart,The Fagel Map Project 2014-2015, Trinity College Dublin

16:45-17:00  A. Pődör, Experiment of Involving Students in Preserving Geographical Names Appearing on Historical Maps

17:00-17:30  Discussion 

17:30-18:00  Closing 



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ICA Commission Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage

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