In our rapidly evolving knowledge, information and communication based society, a number of issues in Cartographic Heritage should be revisited in terms of the new digital tools which are today available and in wide use. An interesting field for actions in this domain can be focused e.g. on the transformation into digital of old maps, atlases and globes with all the delicate questions related to such transformation; on the cartometric and thematic research on antique maps; on the digital tools helping and broadening the work of map curators, the development of virtual map libraries; on the digital archiving and retrieval of cartographic archives; on the digital communication channels for the users of antique maps in the context of a modern information society. All these, and some more easily derivable from the previous, could find a productive embedding in this WG on digital technologies applied to Cartographic Heritage.



  • Introduce and establish the concept of "cartographic heritage".

  • Transformation into digital form of old maps, globes and other cartographic documents. Comparison of digitization methods and technologies and development of relevant standards.

  • Applications of digital techniques to the cartographic study (analysis and interpretation) of old maps and their geometric and thematic content. Tests of various analytic processes and visualization.

  • Development and management of digital map libraries accessible to the general public. Digital tools to assist map curators, to aid the networking of map libraries and to allow in-situ and remote virtual access to cartographic heritage.

  • Digital support for the preservation and restoration of old maps, atlases and globes.

  • The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the web for the teaching and for the diffusion of the heritage of cartography and maps to the general public.