In July 2005, during the XXII International Cartographic Conference, A Coruņa, Spain, the Executive Committee of the International Cartographic Association accepted the proposal for the establishment of a new Working Group (WG) on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage. The proposal for the creation of the WG was based on the recognition of the rapid deployment of digital information and communication technologies (ICT) into a manifold of issues related to the cartographic heritage in the large, interesting not only specialists but also the general public.


see: ICT in Heritage Research; in the net: GIM International]



In principle, the WG was planned to concentrate on any specific ICT topic which interacts potentially with issues related to the heritage of cartography and maps operating separately from the ICA Commission on History of Cartography and the ICA WG on History of Colonial Cartography existed untill 2007. The WG's ambition was to enrich the influence of ICA by attracting new audiences and potential operators in the field of Cartographic Heritage interested in the implementation of relevant digital technologies.
In August 2007, during the XXIII International Cartographic Conference, Moscow, Russia, the General Assembly of the International Cartographic Association promoted into Commission under the same name its WG on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage. 


Fra Mauro's World, 1450

Courtesy: Francesco Guerra