Digital Approaches

to Cartographic Heritage


8th International Workshop
Rome, 19-20 September 2013




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The Workshop will take place in Rome, at the Italian Geographic Society (SGI), Villa Celimontana












Organised by


SocietÓ Geografica Italiana

Palazzetto Mattei in Villa Celimontana
via della Navicella, 12
I - 00184 Roma RM - Italia

tel.: +39 6 7008279 fax: +39 6 77079518 (It)

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SGI - SocietÓ Geografica Italiana



Rome offers easy accessibility for own booking (travel + hotel packages) in great variety of alternatives. The organizers suggest the participants to plan by their own as early as possible their travel and staying.

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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

E÷tv÷s Lorßnd University

Institut CartogrÓfic de Catalunya

National Library of Scotland

UniversitÓ IUAV di Venezia