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ICC - Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya

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>> April 28: 91 participants registered in the Workshop, coming from 24 countries and 42 cities. The final list of participants is here >>




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In conjunction with the 18th Conference of the LIBER Groupe des Cartothécaires / Maps Expert Group  Barcelona, 17-18 April 2012 more>>



Digital map libraries and map collections: Archiving, matching, management, networking and accessibility in-situ and in the web / Development of methodologies and standards applied on proper two- and three- dimensional digitisation of Cartographic Heritage objects, materials and documents. Digital map restoration / Digital technologies in map collections, including the digitisation of collections Online presentation of maps in georeferenced and ungeoreferenced forms / Discovery, accessibility and retrieval of materials through a range of portals, INSPIRE and SDIs / New opportunities for cooperation and partnerships using digital technologies / Developing tools for the long-term preservation of digital map content / Open data relevant issues.