HCS - Hellenic Cartographic Society

The HCS established in 1994 at Thessaloniki. Soon developed as the basic pole of cartographers in Greece with focal points academics and researchers coming mainly from the two Schools of Rural & Surveying Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the National Technical University of Athens. Specialists from other tertiary education institutions are participating in HCS activities as well as experts from the relevant public and the private sectors. Since 1997 the HCS is the International Cartographic Association (ICA) national member from Greece.
Basic task of HCS is to contribute for the growth and the diffusion of the science, technology and art of Cartography in Greece. In addition, of main importance are the Hellenic Cartographic Conferences established in 1994 (annual up to 1998 and biannual since then), the participation in the ICA activities and the spread of information via the web.

ICA Commission

ICA Commission on Cartographic Heritage into the Digital

International Board

FIG / IHO / ICA International Board of Standards of Competence for Hydrographic Surveyors and Nautical Cartographers

Web journal

e-Perimetron, International Web Journal for Sciences and Techologies Affined to History of Cartography and Maps

Barbara Petchenik Map Competition

The HCS is organising on a national level the participation of Greece to Barbara Petchenik Map Competition [more]

Directive Council

2016 - 2020

Chrysoula Boutoura, President boutoura<at>auth.gr
Vassilis Pappas, Vice President vpappas<at>upatras.gr
Alexandra Kousoulakou, Secretary kusulaku<at>auth.gr
Nikos Soulakellis, Treasurer n.soulakellis<at>geo.aegean.gr
Lysandros Tsoulos, Counselor lysandro<at>central.ntua.gr

From left: L. Τsoulos, Α. Κousoulakou, C. Boutoura, N. Soulakellis, V. Pappas

DC Secretariat: Angeliki Tsorlini, Dr. Eng. xeee-conf<at>topo.auth.gr

2012 - 2016

Lysandros Tsoulos, President
Nikos Soulakellis, Vice President
Chrysoula Boutoura, Secretary
Alexandra Kousoulakou, Treasurer
Byron Nakos, Counselor

From left: N. Soulakellis, Α. Κousoulakou, L. Τsoulos, C. Boutoura, B. Νakos

Former Presidents

Lysandros Tsoulos, 2008-2016
Μyron Myridis, 2000-2008
Εvangelos Livieratos, 1994-2000

Hellenic Cartographic Conferences

The thematology, the programme and other relevant information for the HCC organised by the HCS since 1994

The spatial distribution of the up to now 15 HCCs during the 24 years of HCS's life (1994-2018)

Honorary distinctions

The HCS honours individuals and institutions for their contribution in Hellenic Cartography

HCC Proceedings

Τhirteen volumes of HCC Proceedings published by HCS from 1994 to 2014 are and are available to the scientific community. Contact: xeee-conf<at>topo.auth.gr

Map Exhibitions

Since 1994, the HCS has organised and co-organised many map exhibitions in the frame of conferences and other occasions

HCC - Hellenic Cartographic Conferences

15th Thessaloniki 2018
14th Thessaloniki 2016
13th Patras 2014
12th Κοzani 2012
11th Νafplion 2010
10th Ιoannina 2008
9th Chania 2006
8th Thessaloniki 2004
7th Μytilini 2002
6th Αthens 2000
5th Thessaloniki 1998
4th Κastoria 1997
3rd Κalamata 1996
2nd Volos 1995
1st Κalamaria 1994

ICC - International Cartographic Conferences

29th Tokyo 2019
28th Washington DC 2017
27th Rio de Janeiro 2015
26th Dresden 2013
25th Paris 2011
24th Santiago de Chile 2009
23rd Moscow 2007
22nd La Coruña 2005
21st Durban 2003
20th Beijing 2001
19th Ottawa 1999
18th Stockholm 1997
17th Barcelona 1995
16th Cologne 1993

The HCS participates in the ICCs since 1995

National Cartographic Agencies

National Cadastre and Mapping Agency SA

National Infrastructure for Geospatial Information

Hellenic Military Geographical Service

Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service

Hellenic Agency for Statistics [ Cartographic basemaps ]

General State Archives of Greece - Archive for Cartographic Heritage

Cartography courses in Greece

National Technical University of Athens - School of Rural & Surveying Engineering [more ]

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - School of Rural & Surveying Engineering [more 1] [more 2]

University of Aegean - Faculty of Social Sciences - School of Geography

Harokopion University - Faculty of Environment, Geography & Applied Economics - School of Geography

Τechnological Εducational Ιnstitute of Athens - Faculty of Technological Applications - Dept. Civil Engineering and Surveying & Geoinformatics Eng. Τech. Εdu.

Τechnological Εducational Ιnstitute of Central Macedonia - Faculty of Technological Applications - Dept. Civil Engineering and ΜSurveying & Geoinformatics Eng. Tech. Edu.